Onsite Commissioning

At 4B we do not only sell all the key elevator components, but also have the capability of full-system and installation commissioning. This service ensures that all equipment was fitted and installed as per the manufacturer’s and industry’s best practice standards. Fully commissioned installation provides reassurance to the end user.

After 4B products have been installed by a qualified electrician, 4B's commissioning service is available to inspect and certify proper installation of our sensors and control units prior to operation.  A brief overview of the service is listed below. 


 • All rigid and flexible conduits inspected for: cracks, breaks, tightness of connections, and suitability for purpose. 

 • All wiring inspected for: ground faults, shorts, suitability for purpose. 

 • All sensors and controls inspected for correct installation and wiring 

 • All sensors and controls inspected for any signs of damage, and tested to insure proper working order. 

 • Detailed written inspection and testing report with any recommendations given to client. 



 • Sensors are removed from their location to ensure that they were centered on the belt. 

 • Each Touchswitch is physically inspected for damage and wear. 

 • Touchswitch LED and alarm contacts are tested. 

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Temperature Sensors: 

 • All sensors are inspected and resistance is checked. 

 • Sensors are also checked for correct identification, location and sensor type. 

 • Sensors are checked for proper temperature alarm and shutdown trip points using 4B’s ADB Tester.

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Speed Switches: 

 • All speed switches are checked for proper installation. 

 • Sensors are checked for proper underspeed alarm and shutdown set points using 4B's SpeedMaster™. 

 • Wire terminations are inspected. 


 Warning: 4B recommends that all sensors are wired to provide automatic shutdown of monitored equipment, when a hazardous condition is detected.


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