Forged Chains

4B's drop forged chain is made of special heat treated high grade alloy steel, case hardened to Rockwell C57-62 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40.
4B's superior heat treatment technique provides the optimum forged chain link with a more resilient ductile core for shock resistance, and an extremely hard exterior surface for superior wear resistance.

4B forged chain links and pins are also available in all grades of stainless steel.

View our Full Forged Chains Catalogue here.

forged chains
  • Easy and simple chain assembly on-site or in the shop
  • Replace flights while the chain is tensioned
  • Bolt-on Flight; no welding required
  • Precise calculated flight bending force
  • Exceptional low noise levels
  • Guaranteed, reliable pin attachment
  • Condensed storage and shipping
  • Reduced costs
  • Smooth running
  • Nylon Flights
  • Lightweight for safer handling and less amps drawn
  • Quickest break-down recovery