RG1 Level Sensor
Rotary Paddle Level Indicator

The RG1 Level Sensor has been designed to indicate the presence or absence of bulk materials such as grains, pellets, chemicals, wood chips and other powders.

The detection of material is achieved by a rotating paddle. If material impedes the rotation of the paddle, the motor topples of its axis and triggers an alarm.

The RG1 has a variety of compatible paddles which offer the ability to detect a wide range of products.

RG1 level sensor
Product Features
  • Rotary paddle level indicator
  • Can be top and side mounted
  • Wide range of paddles available.
  • Optional extensions and shard guards make installation easier and cater for more challenging applications
Electronics Application

Silos & Storage

Silos & Storage





All dimensions are given in mm.

Model RG1V56A RG1V4A
Power supply 24-240 VAC 24VDC
Output Change over relay 10 A at 250 VAC Change over relay 10 A at 250 VAC
Mounting ø 2”1/2 BSPT / Gas ø 2”1/2 BSPT / Gas
Conduit Entry Two conduit entries tapped ø 1/2” BSPP Two conduit entries tapped ø 1/2” BSPP
Enclosure Die-cast aluminium casing Die-cast aluminium casing
Operating temperature range -20°C + 70°C -20°C + 70°C
Protection IP65 IP65
Certificates and approvals ATEX Zone 20 / Zone 21 ATEX Zone 20 / Zone 21
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