Starco™ Jumbo Bucket

SJ Elevator Bucket

SJ330-250/3, SJ330-250/4, SJ370-250/3, SJ370-250/4, SJ470-250/3, SJ470-250/4

Deep drawn solid steel elevator bucket, designed to replace large fabricated elevator buckets. For use with both standard rubber and steel web belting along with plain holes, on a chain and bucket elevator.

Starco Jumbo (SJ) elevator bucket
Product Features: 
  • Pressed seamless steel bucket, no welds or joints
  • Increased capacity
  • High temperature applications
  • Great strength and long life
  • Clean discharge
  • Can be used with steel web belt
Elevator Buckets
Use by Industry: 
Use by Product: 
Cement, Cereals, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial