Bolt 'n' Go Round Link Chains

Round Link Conveyor Chain with Bolt 'n' Go Flights

Easy flight assembly by using a standard bolt and nut, connecting the flights directly to the link. The chain can be supplied in a coil together with the bolt-on flights already assembled.

4B round link Bolt 'n' Go chain
Product Features: 
  • Economical round link chain system
  • Easy and simple assembly on site or in the workshop
  • Precise calculated flight bending force
  • Exceptional low noise levels
  • Bolt-on Flight; no welding required
  • Condensed storage and shipping
  • Reduced costs
  • Smooth running
  • HDP Flights

Chain Conveyor Design Service

Chain Conveyor Design Service

Take advantage of our free design service for chain conveyors.
Whether you want a new chain conveyor or you want to optimize an existing chain conveyor, our engineers at 4B can help you.

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