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X400 Elite Alarmswitch

Centralized Alarm Monitoring System

X4004V4CAI, X4004V46CAI

The X400 Elite is a microprocessor controlled low cost alarm indicator panel for use with level indicators, hazard controls and limit switch sensors. The X400 accepts signals from different sources in up to 8 zones, and is able to cause alarm and shutdown of the machine when an alarm condition has been detected. Alarm and status LEDs on the lid of the X400 provide quick location of alarm conditions. Alarm muting can be performed at the panel or by an optional remote push button to silence external alarms. If the system is muted, it will automatically reactivate when a new alarm is triggered. Testing can also be activated at the panel, providing full system verification.

X400 Elite alarm switch
  • Centralized Alarm Monitoring for up to 8 Zones
  • Multiple Alarm Inputs from Different Sensors
  • LED Alarm Indication
  • Alarm Mute - Reactivation on New Alarm
  • Push Button Testing Feature
  • Optional PLC Board
Hazard Monitors
Alarms & Displays
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Silos & Storage

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