Элеваторные ковши типа В

средней емкости

Элеваторные ковши типа В обычно используются для липких материалов, транспортируемых на малых скоростях, и для сыпучих материалов, транспортируемых с большей скоростью и с меньшими промежутками.


B-type elevator bucket
Особенности продукта: 
  • Изготовлены из прессованной стали, без следов сварки и соединений
  • Для транспортировки липких материалов на малых скоростях
  • Для сыпучих материалов, с большей скоростью, с меньшими промежутками
  • Отличные многоцелевые элеваторные ковши средней емкости

B-Type Bucket
Capacity (L)
Z2 (Gross)
Capacity (L)
Z3 (Water)
(dia mm)
B10645157321. customer spec
B17767067350. customer spec
B21957067351. customer spec
B381028683351.20.180.380.2to customer spec
B441278683351.20.230.460.23to customer spec
B631278989381.20.270.550.3to customer spec
B661408989381.20.290.620.32to customer spec
B701528989381.20.320.640.34to customer spec
B114 P+R1529598381.50.410.750.4228.78325
B1141529598381.50.410.750.42to customer spec
B11715295983830.790.750.42to customer spec
B134 HDP2201061045040.181.150.6228.712736
B134 P+R2169598381.50.571.150.5728.712725
B1352299598381.50.591.250.6to customer spec
B135 P+R2299598381.50.591.250.628.712725
B147152117108541.50.521.10.59to customer spec
B1491521171085430.981.10.59to customer spec
B151178117108541.50.541.150.65to customer spec
B1531781171085431.021.150.65to customer spec
B155203117108541.50.641.40.83to customer spec
B1572031171085431.21.40.83to customer spec
B166127121114541.20.360.950.5to customer spec
B167127121114541.50.430.950.5to customer spec
B167 P+R152121114541.50.430.950.528.77032
B175152121114541.50.541.10.64to customer spec
B1881911211145420.771.40.83to customer spec
B198229121114541.20.571.751to customer spec
B2002291211145420.881.751to customer spec
B2012291211145431.291.751to customer spec
B205254120114551.50.821.91.1to customer spec
B211178130114541.50.591.450.8to customer spec
B219203130114541.50.641.650.92to customer spec
B2212031301145431.291.650.92to customer spec
B2342411301145431.5621.15to customer spec
B2372541301145421.092.11.25to customer spec
B2382541301145431.542.11.25to customer spec
B2422791301145431.722.351.35to customer spec
B258203133127541.50.791.850.9to customer spec
B263229133127541.50.8621to customer spec
B2662291331275431.5621to customer spec
B2692541331275421.132.251.15to customer spec
B278305133127541.512.81.35to customer spec
B28130513312754322.81.35to customer spec
B283*333140140601.51.183.752to customer spec
B2972031521495731.632.251to customer spec
B30125415214957322.751.4to customer spec
B303305152149571. customer spec
B304 HDP298145149486.50.4731.18to customer spec
B304 P+R3051521495721.563.51.7548.751-102-5144
B3053051521495732.313.51.75to customer spec
B3073811521526721.934.852.5to customer spec
B307 P+R3811521526721.934.852.548.776-127-76
B3642541521788321.543.62to customer spec
B3652541521788332.273.62to customer spec
B3233051781817932.835.52.75to customer spec
B3283561781817933.526.523.25to customer spec
B3353051782067933.025.752.5to customer spec
B3393812101848634.0884.25to customer spec
B34045723521010235.08137to customer spec
B3414572352101024.76.26137to customer spec

* Non stock item - Only made to order.
HDP - High density polyethylene with standard recessed holes.
P + R - With standard recessed holes.

Bucket Elevator Design Service - Russian

Bucket Elevator Design Service - Russian

At 4B, we have designed hundreds of bucket elevators for all industries, including Animal Feed, Grain Handling, Flour Milling, Malting & Brewing through to Cement, Coal and other heavy industries.

Take advantage of 4B's free, guaranteed worldwide technical support service from a team of engineers specialising in the design and calculation of bucket elevators.. Using your key technical data, our engineers can give you a detailed technical recommendation for the ideal bucket elevator with the ideal capacity and discharge characteristics. We can either design your new bucket elevator or we can help you to increase the capacity of your existing bucket elevator.

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