Fang 螺栓



FANG elevator bolts
Product Features: 
  • 钢制螺栓,独特的设计---尖牙能咬进皮带防止拧紧螺母时发生转动
  • 大直径螺栓头设计
  • 平头设计,防止螺栓头被拔出皮带孔
  • 美国粮食行业深入验证和广泛应用
  • 不论畚斗孔周边有没有凹陷都可以用
  • 螺栓尺寸:M6, M8, M10
Head Diameter
Max. Torque
Package Quantity
Package Weight
M6 x 201/4 x 3/4*25111001.56
M6 x 251/4 x 125111001.82
M8 x 255/16 x 1*30271002.76
M8 x 305/16 x 1-1/430271003.02
M8 x 405/16 x 1-1/230271003.24
M10 x 303/8 x 1-1/435371004.90
M10 x 353/8 x 1-1/335371005.12
M10 x 403/8 x 1-1/235371005.34
M10 x 453/8 x 1-3/435371005.56

Standard zinc plated; self colour and stainless options on request.


不同的螺栓需要相应的五金配件,4B 能提供所有需要的螺栓和相关五金配件。     


More info

Is the installation of fang bolts any different to other elevator bolts?

Fanged bolts are a little more unique than other elevator bolts.  Install fanged bolts with fang tips in-line across the  
  width of the belt.  Placing the fangs in such a manner minimizes stresses caused by the flat head going  
  around the curved pulley.  Set the fangs into the belt cover by tapping them with a mallet.  Once the bolt is tightened, the  
  fangs will draw up into the belt and the head will seat properly.