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P800 Proxswitch

DIN Style Inductive Proximity Switch

P8002V10FC, P8003V10C, P8004V10C

The P800 Proxswitch is an inductive sensor designed to detect shaft speed, shaft position, gate position, or object presence.

P800 inductive proximity sensor DIN style
  • Detects the presence of metallic objects in hazardous areas such as handling, storage, packaging, conveying, assembly, processing, etc.
  • Detects the position of doors, slides, gates and containers
  • 2-wire multi-voltage technology or 10-30 VDC NPN/PNP
  • Complete with conduit entry
  • Detects up to 12mm - Ferrous object
  • Detects up to 6mm - Non-ferrous object
Inductive Sensors
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor

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