Braime Company History

  • 1888 - Foundation of Braime, manufacturer of seamless steel pressings
  • 1909 - Braime introduces the first seamless steel bucket
  • 1971 - Foundation of 4B Braime Elevator Components, to serve the Bucket Elevator & Conveyor market
  • 1984 - Launch of 4B's Electronic Components range
  • 1984  -Foundation of 4B' first international subsidiary: 4B Elevator Components US, near Chicago
  • 1991 - 4B acquires the French elevator company SETEM, which becomes known as 4B SETEM, France
  • 2001 - 4B opens a subsidiary in Argentina to serve the South American market: 4B Sudamerica
  • 2003 - 4B opens regional office in Thailand: 4B Asia Pacific
  • 2005 - 4B moves into Germany with 4B Deutschland
  • 2008 - 4B opens a subsidiary in South Africa to serve the subsaharian market: 4B Africa
  • 2010 - 4B opens regional office in Australia: 4B Australia
  • 2012 - 4B USA, 4B Australia and 4B Africa all relocate to bigger premises .
  • 2013 - 4B Braime Group celebrates 125th anniversary  
  • 2015 - Braime Elevator Components becomes "4B Braime Components Ltd."
  • 2018 - 4B opens a subsidiary in China:  4B China
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Bucket material and other safety considerations.

Forged Chains in Drag & En-Masse Conveyors

Featured Products

Força máxima de 180Kn até 700Kn
4B Gabelketten-Glied
Monitoramento da temperatura do rolamento.
WDB bearing temperature sensors
Maior capacidade com menor quantidade de caçambas que o STARCO.
sps steel bucket
Sensor eletromecânico de desalinhamento de correia ou de polia
4b Touchswitch sensor
Aço / Aço Inoxidável 304 & 316
Euro Elevator Bolts (approx. DIN 15237)