Speed Switch Calibration and Testing Device

SM2, SM1

The SpeedMaster™ with Pulse Pilot is the only device that accurately tests the calibration of a speed switch, and allows testing of the 10% alarm and 20% shutdown features of the sensor while installed on the machine shaft.

The SpeedMaster™ operates in two modes. Input mode is used to measure the pulse rate at normal speed. Output mode will allow the user to simulate belt underspeed for
testing purposes.

The Pulse Pilot fits between the gap between the sensor and the target. The Pulse Pilot will have no effect on the operation of the speed switch until it is connected to the SpeedMaster™ and set to Output mode.

4B Speedmaster
Product Features: 
  • Calibration Testing
  • Exact Alarm Point Testing (usually 10% underspeed)
  • Exact Shutdown Point Testing (usually 20% underspeed)
  • 1 PPM or 1 % Speed Change Steps in Output Mode
  • Easy To Read OLED Display
  • No Need To Modify Speed Switch Assembly For Testing
Speed Switches Accessories
Electronics Application: 
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor
Video - Demonstration of New Generation SpeedMaster