F500 Elite Fieldbus Gateway (W)

Watchdog Version

F5004V46CAI-ETH (W), F5004V46CAI-DGW (W), F5004V46AI-MGW (W), F5004V46CAI-PGW (W), F5004V4CAI-ETH (W), F5004V4CAI-DGW (W), F5004V4AI-MGW (W), F5004V4CAI-PGW (W)

This version of the F500 Elite Fieldbus gateway has been designed to work as a Watchdog Elite communications gateway and allows up to 10 Watchdog control units to be networked together through RS-485 communication BUS. The Watchdog data is then converted to a Fieldbus protocol. Supported protocols include: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus and others on request.

F500 Elite Gateway (W) für Feldbusse
Product Features: 
  • Up to 10 Watchdog Controllers can be connected
  • 24Vdc and 110/240Vac 50/60Hz models available
  • The following Fieldbus protocols are supported: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus 
  • Other Fieldbus protocols can be supported on a request basis
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