Binswitch Capacitive Sensor

Capacitance Point Level Indicator

BS12V10AI, BS12V10AI/10, BS15V10AI, BS15V10AI/10, BS22V10AI, BS22V10AI/10, BS25V10AI, BS25V10AI/10, BS1V6FC, BP1V10FC, BS1V3FC, BS1V4FC

Detects level or plug situations for bulk granular solids or liquids in tanks, bins, or silos and can be used as a plug or choke detector in chutes, conveyors and elevator legs.

4B Binswitch capacitive sensor
Product Features: 
  • Capacitance probe; detects the presence or absence of liquids and free flowing bulk granular materials and powders such as grain, feeds, seeds and chemicals
  • Application: level indicators (tanks / silos); choke switches (chutes, conveyors, elevator legs)
  • Detects presence or absence of liquids & free-flowing bulk granular materials
  • Easy installation & self-containing
Level Indicators
Electronics Application: 
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Silos & Storage

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