T400 Elite (PTC Version)

Bearing Temperature Monitor

T4004V4CAI, T4004V46CAI

Low cost alarm/indicator controller for use with PTC temperature sensors. 

The T400 ELITE is a microprocessor controlled unit which works in conjunction with PTC temperature sensors to monitor up to 48 bearings and can cause alarm and shutdown of the machine when alarm conditions are detected. The control unit is housed in a self contained wall mounting enclosure. A test push button on the lid of the control unit provides for full system verification. Alarm and status LEDs provide quick location of the alarm condition, and voltage free relay contacts provide separate alarm and shutdown control. An alarm mute push button is provided on the lid of the control unit and additional connections are provided for an external alarm mute functionality.

T400 Elite
Product Features: 
  • Monitors 8 zones with up to 6 PTC sensors in each zone (48 total)
  • Configurable Alarm and Stop Delays
  • LED Alarm Indication and Power Status
  • Alarm Mute - Automatic Reactivation on New Alarm
  • Test Feature – Externally Controlled Test Facility
Hazard Monitors
Electronics Application: 
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor

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