MDB Series Bearing Sensors

MDB810V3A, MDB819V3A, MDB812V3A, MDB813V3A, MDB814V3A, MDB832V3A, MDB833V3A, MDB834V3A

The MDB series is a range of bearing sensors manufactured to screw directly into a bearing housing through the existing 1/4” BSPT threaded grease zerk (can be installed in 1/8” NPT grease zerk fitting with an adapter). Each sensor is fitted with a grease zerk to allow lubrication of the bearing without the need for removal of the sensor. The sensor is fitted with a M12 connector for use with a separately supplied cable and socket assembly which can be attached connected directly to a PLC or to a hazard monitoring system, such as 4B’s T500 Hotbus Elite, Watchdog Super Elite, or T400 / T400 NTC Elite. The connections are not polarity sensitive therefore special connection requirements are eliminated. Four versions are available, a NTC thermistor model or PT100 type for continuous temperature monitoring, and PTC or Contact thermistor models with five trip points (60°C, 70°C, 80°C).

MDB bearing temperature sensor
Product Features: 
  • Screw in installation
  • Grease zerk for bearing lubrication
  • Wiring connector
  • NTC version - continuous temperature
  • PT100 Version
  • PTC or contact version - trip points from 50°C to 90°C
  • Compatible with T400 Elite, T500 Elite or Watchdog Super Elite control modules
Bearing Temperature Sensors
Electronics Application: 
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor

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