Sugar Industry Chains

sugar mill chains

Engineered in a range of constructions, including welded steel chains, engineered steel chains, steel bush chains, forged fork link chains, bagasse chains and more, 4B’s sugar chain range satisfies all Sugar Mill chain requirements all the way throughout the process.

  • Wash & Feed Table Chains
  • Main & Auxilliary Cane Carrier Chains
  • Shredded Cane Carrier Chains
  • Intermediate Carrier Chains
  • Cush Cush/Bagacilio Elevator Chains
  • Pressure Feeder Roller Drive Chains
  • Diffuser Chains
  • Bagasse Elevator, Conveyor & Reclaim Chains
  • Bagasse to Boiler Leveller Chains
  • Dry & Wet Sugar Elevator Chains


  • WR chains have only through-hardened rivets.
  • WH chains have all parts through-hardened.
  • WHX chains have through-hardenend parts and induction hardened rivets as standard.
  • Riveted construction is standard. Pin and cottered construction can be furnished on a made-to-order basis.
  • Combination chains (C Type & BRH Type)
  • Range: 6.0MM OD to 168.3MM OD
  • Grades: AISI-304, 304L, 316, 316L, 439.
  • Standards: ASTM A-213, A-249, A-269, A-270, A-312, A-376,A-554, A-668 and A-358, A-778;