Drop Forged Chain Links

4B Standard Chain Links

Drop forged chain is either supplied with welded flights or with bolt-on flights (Bolt 'N' Go system). 4B drop forged chains have three main styles: standard, double and triple links.

4B forged chain link
Product Features: 
  • Ultimate Strengths
  • 180Kn (15300kg) to 700Kn (71400kg)
  • Case hardened links and pins. -Precision machined driving face for long life
  • Case hardness: Rockwell C57-C62
  • Core hardness: Rockwell C40
  • Chain pitches available: 102LA, 102NA, 125NA, 142NA, 142LA, 142HA, 150NA, 160NA, 175NA, 200NA, 216NA, 250NA, 260NA
  • Large range of non-stock chain
  • Stainless steel links and pins - available on request
Forged Chains