Drop Forged Chain Links

4B Standard Chain Links

4B102LA, 4B102NA, 4B125NA, 4B142LA, 4B142NA, 4B142HA, 4B150NA, 4B160NA, 4B175NA, 4B200NA, 4B216NA, 4B250NA, 4B260NA

Drop forged chain is either supplied with welded flights or with bolt-on flights (Bolt 'N' Go system). 4B drop forged chains have three main styles: standard, double and triple links.

4B forged chain link
Product Features: 
  • Ultimate Strengths
  • 180Kn (15300kg) to 700Kn (71400kg)
  • Case hardened links and pins. -Precision machined driving face for long life
  • Case hardness: Rockwell C57-C62
  • Core hardness: Rockwell C40
  • Chain pitches available: 102LA, 102NA, 125NA, 142NA, 142LA, 142HA, 150NA, 160NA, 175NA, 200NA, 216NA, 250NA, 260NA
  • Large range of non-stock chain
  • Stainless steel links and pins - available on request
Forged Chains