Super Starco™ (SPS) Plastic Bucket

SPS Elevator Buckets

The new range of deep Super Starco™ elevator buckets is the result of intensive research to achieve the maximum individual bucket capacity, while still maintaining the perfect fill and discharge characteristics of the original standard Starco™ bucket over a wide speed range.

Super Starco (SPS) Plastic Bucket
Product Features: 
  • Provides greater capacity with fewer elevator buckets than the original Starco™ elevator bucket system
  • Provides perfect fill & discharge for a wide range of products
  • Operates effectively over a wide speed range
  • Made from prime virgin material
Elevator Buckets
HDP, Nylon
Use by Industry: 
Agricultural, Industrial
Use by Product: 
Cereals, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial, Pellets & Light Agricultural, Sticky Materials