Polypenco Nylatron® Buckets

NBA & DIN 15234 Elevator Buckets

NBA8, NBA10, NBA12, NBA14, NBA15, NBA16, NBA18, DIN200/160, DIN250/180, DIN315/200, DIN400/225, DIN500/250, DIN630/280

Polypenco Nylatron cast nylon elevator buckets are designed for tough long life solutions for industrial applications.

Polypenco elevator bucket
Product Features: 
  • Made from Nylatron cast nylon
  • Heavy-duty thick walls
  • Impact, corrosion and abrasion-resistant
  • Anti-stick surface prevents product build-up
  • Suitable for both chain and bucket or belt and bucket applications
  • Available in two styles: 
    NBA, for use in relatively narrow elevator legs
    DIN, for elevators designed around DIN NORM 15234
Elevator Buckets
Use by Industry: 
Use by Product: 
Sticky Materials, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial