J-Type Elevator Buckets

American Grain Elevator Buckets

J64, J75, J85, J95, J96, J106, J116, J126, J117, J127, J147, J167, J148, J168

Deep drawn solid steel elevator bucket formed without any welds. Designed for stronger construction, longer life and cleaner discharge.

J-type elevator bucket
Product Features: 
  • Big volume deep elevator bucket for use with free flowing materials
  • For use in medium and high speed bucket elevators
  • High capacity applications
  • Pressed seamless steel
  • Great strength and long life
  • Clean discharge
  • Retrofit CC style elevator buckets
Elevator Buckets
Steel, Stainless Steel
Use by Industry: 
Use by Product: 
Cereals, Pellets & Light Agricultural, Light Industrial