GB - Spidex™ Buckets

Bottomless Elevator Buckets

High capacity bottomless elevator bucket system. GB Spidex™ buckets are closely spaced with a series of buckets without bottoms followed by one bucket with a bottom. The material is lifted in a continuous column and the carrying space normally wasted between conventional buckets is fully utilized to achieve much greater capacity. The buckets pick up and discharge conventionally, but care must be taken in the design of the boot and the head.

GB-Spidex bottomless elevator buckets
Product Features: 
  • Double existing capacity
  • Elevator buckets are closely spaced & product is elevated in an almost continuous column
  • Self-cleaning - ideal for sticky materials
  • Pressed seamless steel
Elevator Buckets
Steel, Stainless Steel
Use by Industry: 
Industrial, Agricultural
Use by Product: 
Cement, Pellets & Light Agricultural, Sticky Materials, Cereals