Atlas AD Elevator Buckets

Heavy Duty Industrial Nyrim Buckets

AD300, AD400, AD500, AD630

This industrial duty super tough elevator bucket is manufactured from "Nyrim" which is a high-grade nylon/rubber reaction molding. These unique properties offer the elevator bucket the ability to withstand maximum resistance to impact and abrasion. Can be used with many abrasive and corrosive industrial materials, such as: AGGREGATES, CEMENT, GYPSUM, COAL, SAND, ETC. The "AD" elevator bucket can be used with elevator belting or chain. The reduced weight of the elevator bucket, compared to a steel fabricated type, enables extended chain life. The "Nyrim" material is corrosion resistant which also allows for longer bucket life. The "AD" elevator bucket design allows for high capacity capabilities.

Atlas AD elevator bucket
Product Features: 
  • Made from Nyrim, a high grade nylon/rubber reaction molding
  • Maximum impact, corrosion and abrasion-resistant
  • Suitable for industrial applications, including all aggregates
  • Long bucket life
  • Suitable for use with elevator belting and chain: reduced bucket weight extends chain life
Elevator Buckets
Use by Industry: 
Use by Product: 
Sticky Materials, Cement, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial