Atlas AA Nylon Elevator Bucket

Heavy Duty Industrial Bucket

AA43TN, AA54TN, AA64TN, AA74TN, AA75TN, AA85TN, AA96TN, AA106TN, AA116TN, AA126TN, AA127TN/S, AA127TN, AA147TN, AA148TN, AA168TN, AA188TN, AA1810TN

Heavy-duty toughened injection moulded nylon elevator bucket.

Atlas AA elevator bucket
Product Features: 
  • Solid construction: manufactured from Dupont 'Zytel' super tough nylon or HDP
  • Injection moulded for uniformity
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Non-stick property
  • Available in food grade HDP or nylon to meet USDA/FDA standards
Elevator Buckets
Use by Industry: 
Use by Product: 
Sticky Materials, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial