Fang Bolts

Fanged Elevator Bolts

The fanged elevator bolt is characterized by two sharp teeth that are intended to penetrate the carcass of the elevator belt. Once the teeth penetrate the belt, they help keep the bolt from spinning which easily allows the lock nut to be tightened.

FANG elevator bolts
Product Features: 
  • Steel Unique Design - Fangs lock elevator bolt in place while nut is tightened
  • Large bolt head diameter
  • Flat bolt head - reduces risk of rip out of bolt
  • Extensively tested and used in USA grain industry
  • Suitable for recessed or non recessed holes
  • Bolt types: M6, M8, M10
Elevator Bolts
Bolt Material: 
Stainless steel (on request), Steel - self colour (on request), Steel (zinc plated)

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