Easifit Elevator Bolts

4B Easifit elevator bolts are unique in that they employ a hexagon tip. Special installation tools lock onto the tip, keeping the bolt from spinning as the lock nut is tightened. Fanged or square shoulder designs have to "bite" into the belt to keep from rotating during nut installation. Easifit bolts are especially useful for repair jobs where only the elevator buckets and not the belt are being replaced since they eliminate the problem of elongated bolt holes that can no longer accept the square shoulders of other bolt styles.

Easifit bolt
Product Features: 
  • Steel / Stainless steel 316
  • Shank formed with hexagon tip (easy fastening with special tool)
  • Speeds fitting & removal of bolts
  • Improves elevator safety
  • Reduces belt damage caused by standard elevator bolts
Elevator Bolts
Bolt Material: 
Stainless steel (on request), Steel - self colour (on request), Steel (zinc plated)

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