4B Braime Belt Clamp

Belt Fastener Clamp for Steel Web Belts

BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4

The Braime Clamp (BC) series of heavy duty belt splices securely fastens belting on larger bucket elevators.

Designed from three pieces of extruded aluminium including a center wedge section to minimize belt wear.

BC elevator belt fastener
Product Features: 
  • Four versions for belts up to 2500 kN/m
  • Extruded aluminium construction (main body) & machined steel (steel cord vise grip section)
  • Secured by High Tensile Bolts & Lock Nuts
  • BC1 and BC2 Designed for Textile Belts
  • BC2, BC3 & BC4 for Belts with Steel Web Core
Braime Clamp
Belt Strength
(kN/m max.)

* For textile belts, use only BC1.

Can I use the 4B Braime Clamp splice on a manlift?  
Never use the 4B Braime Clamp splice on a manlift.  

Can I re-use my hardware?  
  Always use new bolts, washers & nuts.

BC3 heavy duty elevator belt clamp
SJ elevator bucket 3D drawing

Bucket Elevator Design Service

Bucket Elevator Design Service

At 4B, we have designed hundreds of bucket elevators for all industries, including Animal Feed, Grain Handling, Flour Milling, Malting & Brewing through to Cement, Coal and other heavy industries.

Take advantage of 4B's free, guaranteed worldwide technical support service from a team of engineers specialising in the design and calculation of bucket elevators.. Using your key technical data, our engineers can give you a detailed technical recommendation for the ideal bucket elevator with the ideal capacity and discharge characteristics. We can either design your new bucket elevator or we can help you to increase the capacity of your existing bucket elevator.

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