Kute łańcuch - Standard Links

4B102LA, 4B102NA, 4B125NA, 4B142LA, 4B142NA, 4B142HA, 4B150NA, 4B160NA, 4B175NA, 4B200NA, 4B216NA, 4B250NA, 4B260NA

4B Gabelketten-Glied
Cechy produktu: 
  • Niezwykła wytrzymałość
  • 180Kn (15300kg) do 700Kn (71400kg)
  • Wzmocnione łączenia i sworzenie
  • Duża oferta łańchów na zamówienie
4B standard forged chain link drawing
Min. Breaking Load

Case Depth
4B102LA150337500.5 mm0.36 kg10236625814
4B102NA180404000.5 mm0.38 kg102367281214
4B125NA200449000.6 mm0.70 kg1253510361516
4B142LA250562500.7mm0.66 kg1424010311418.2
4B142NA300675000.7 mm1.08 kg14250124218.725
4B142HA4501010000.7 mm1.76 kg1425016.56228.525
4B150NA300675000.7 mm1.20 kg1504913361525
4B160NA350787000.8 mm1.30 kg16044.5134219.520
4B175NA5201175001.0 mm2.73 kg1756016722230
4B200NA6001350001.0 mm2.85 kg2006018683030
4B216NA6001350001.0 mm3.66 kg2167519592635
4B250NA7001580001.0 mm4.26 kg2507518703232
4B260NA7001580001.0 mm5.38 kg2607521713132

Case hardness:  Rockwell C57-C62
Core hardness:  Rockwell C40

Typical Welded Flight Attachments:

The table below shows the most common flight attachments. Custom flights are available, based on customer specification.

Square Bar

Flat Bar

Paddle Flight

U Flight

Closed U Flight

Closed U Flight with Filler Plates
OO Flight
OO Flight

OO Flight with Filler Plates

Return Cups


Standard Pin Options:

Note: Clamps, roll pins, hex bolts and lock nots must not be re-used. Install one time and discard after use.



Rail haute résistance à l’usure, en Manganèse

Rail haute résistance à l’usure, en Manganèse, pour les chaînes forgées - avec une rainure en ‘V’ .

Tailles disponibles:

  • 40 x 10mm
  • 50 x 10mm
  • 60 x 10mm 

Autres tailles sur commande.

Plastic Flight Sleeves

For 102 NA chain & 142 NA chain.

4B standard forged chain link
4B forged chain assembly
en-masse conveying  schematic
forged chains in heavy duty application
4b forged chain going over sprocket
4b chains - UHMW paddles on "T" plate flights - drive end
4b forged chains packed

Chain Conveyor Design Service - Polish

Chain Conveyor Design Service - Polish

Take advantage of our free design service for chain conveyors.
Whether you want a new chain conveyor or you want to optimize an existing chain conveyor, our engineers at 4B can help you.

To get a free chain conveyor calculation

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