4B Braime Belt Clamp - FI
Belt Fastener Clamp for Steel Web Belts -FI
BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4

The Braime Clamp (BC) series of heavy duty belt splices securely fastens belting on larger bucket elevators.

Designed from three pieces of extruded aluminium including a centre wedge section to minimize belt wear.

BC elevator belt fastener
Product Features
  • Four versions for belts up to 2500 kN/m
  • Extruded aluminium construction (main body) & machined steel (steel cord vise grip section)
  • Secured by High Tensile Bolts & Lock Nuts
  • BC1 and BC2 Designed for Textile Belts
  • BC2, BC3 & BC4 for Belts with Steel Web Core
    Braime Clamp Type Belt Strength Weight Bolts
    (kN/m max.) (kgs/m)
    BC1* 1400 31.6 M16
    BC2 1600 56.5 M16
    BC3 2000 71 M16
    BC4 2500 96 M16

    * For textile belts, use only BC1.

    Can I use the 4B Braime Clamp splice on a manlift?  
    Never use the 4B Braime Clamp splice on a manlift.  

    Can I re-use my hardware?  
      Always use new bolts, washers & nuts.