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4B Lump Breaker

The 4B series of Lump Breakers is a simple and efficient way of breaking up material lumps which have compacted during transport or storage.
The Lump Breaker is easily integrated in to your feeding system, de-lumps and improves product flow. It can process a variety of materials, including chemicals, sugar, salt, lime, kiln dust, cereal, pasta, fertiliser and many more but is not suitable for crushing hard rock.
A direct coupled drive with counter rotating dual shafts breaks up compacted material between fingers and side combs for ease of conveying.

4B Lump Breaker
Características del producto: 
  • Manufactured in Carbon Steel as Standard – Stainless Steel Optional.
  • Compact low – profile design.
  • Capacity: 15-35m3/Hr.


Las cadenas forjadas se usan en muchas aplicaciones..
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