Heavy Duty Whirligig®

Heavy Duty Shaft Sensor Mount


The Heavy Duty (HD) Whirligig is a fully guarded target for easy mounting of motion sensors. It is suitable for use with 4B's range of inductive proximity sensors including the M100 Stopswitch, P100 Proxswitch, and P300 Proxswitch. Used on conveyors, bucket elevators and other rotating machinery, the HD Whirligig monitors shaft speed for continuous, low speed or high speed conditions. The sensor (sold separately) inserts into the housing of the HD Whirligig and the complete assembly bolts to the machines shaft through a 5/8” UNC tapped hole. Machine vibration or movement does not affect the performance of the sensor as the whole assembly moves with the shaft. The all stainless steel construction and sealed twin stainless steel bearings make the HD Whirligig ideal for use in corrosive and other extreme environments. With the HD Whirligig, sensor installation is now simple, safe and reliable.

Whirligig heavy duty shaft sensor mount
Product Features: 
  • Heavy duty shaft sensor mount
  • Manufactured in stainless steel casing for heavy duty usage
  • Suitable for all Braime sensors & other industry standard cylindrical sensors
  • Not affected by shaft or machine vibration
  • 2/4 pulse target (as standard)
  • Easy to install, safe
Electronics Application: 
MagCon magnetic connector

The Mag-Con™ (MAG2000) is an optional magnetic connector that screws onto the Whirligig and magnetically couples it to the shaft being monitored. The Mag-Con is made from stainless steel, has a holding force of over 150 lbs. and can withstand speeds up to 300 RPM.

Hazard Monitoring Design Service

Hazard Monitoring Design Service

Preventative maintenance can help reduce the risk of equipment failure and consequent downtimes. When it comes to monitoring your bucket elevators and belt conveyors, 4B can recommend you the ideal combination of sensors and monitoring systems to suit your requirements and budget.

4B provides an extensive range of their own ATEX / IECEx / CSA approved hazard monitoring systems, misalignment switches and bearing temperature monitors and level controls. We can offer you anything from a replacement sensor to a fully integrated hazard monitoring system which can be operated either as a stand-alone system or connected to your PLC.

And if you do not want to install hazard monitoring sensors on every piece of equipment in your plant straightaway, we can offer you a scalable solution starting with carefully chosen equipment and systems that can be expanded at a later date to encompass other machines in the plant.

We can also offer you an installation service, and we do provide a competent after-sales technical service to help you overcome any technical problems with your monitoring equipment.

To get a recommendation from our engineers, please fill in the electronics questionnaire below. Please fill this form in as accurately as possible to allow us to deal with your enquiry more effectively.

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