P100 - 18mm Inductive Sensor


P1001V10A, P1001V10A/10, P1002V10A, P1002V10A/10, P100V34A, P1001V10AG, P1002V10AG, P100V34AG

Detects the presence or absence of materials. Is used for monitoring the speed of machinery via a speed module or PLC.

P100 Inductive sensor
Product Features: 
  • Detects the presence of metallic objects in dangerous conditions such as in handling, warehousing, packaging, conveying, assembly, processing, etc.
  • May also be used to generate pulses for the detection of rotational speed
  • 2-wire multi-voltage technology or 10-30 VDC NPN/PNP
  • Detects up to 8mm
Inductive Sensors
Electronics Application: 
Bucket Elevator, Belt Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Screw Conveyor

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