About 4B Africa

4B Africa Elevator Components (Pty) Ltd was created in January 2008 as a subsidiary of the 4B Group (more commonly known as “Braime” in Africa) to serve the sub-Saharan African market with the company's range of material handling and electronic components.

4B is an international market leader in the field of elevator and conveyor components and electronic monitoring equipment. With its range of components, 4B serves a large range of industries ranging from agricultural to industrial through to mining and heavy duty industries.

4B Africa's mother company, 4B Braime, celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2018 and has been a pioneer of the material handling industry, introducing the first seamless steel elevator bucket back in 1909. With the world's largest range of elevator and conveyor components, 4B Braime's material handling division has led the field in elevator bucket design and manufacture by supplying the highest quality components. 4B Braime's electronic division specializes in level controls, electric sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and reduce the risks of explosions in hazardous areas.


Bucket material and other safety considerations.

Forged Chains in Drag & En-Masse Conveyors

Featured Products

Breaks up material lumps which have compacted during transport or storage
4B Lump Breaker

The 4B series of Rotary Valves & AirlocksĀ provides those involved in Bulk MaterialĀ 

4BRVA Rotary Vane Feeders
Horizontal shut off gates for dry materials in gravity flow applications
4B SG Pneumatic Slidegate