Light Duty Conveyor Belt Fasteners


The following types are still available:

  • Self-Lock Fasteners
  • MR Fasteners
  • Rivet Fasteners
  • Flexible PVC & PU Lacing
  • Flexible Steel Fasteners
  • Carded Hook Fasteners
Self-Lock Belt Fasteners
  • Fasteners with hooks and a locking lash between both plates
  • Teeth grip into the carcass fabric
  • Clamping effect through the lashes
  • Antimagnetic steel suitable for food applications
  • Locking of the hooks in the lashes
  • Smooth surface: no protruding/ catching point
  • Very quick & safe installation
  • One tool for all sizes
MR Mini Rivet Conveyor Belt Fasteners
  • Conveyor belt fasteners with pre-mounted staples
  • Non magnetic stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • Staples penetrate through carcass fabric without severing
  • Proven fasteners with rivets for light duty or heavy duty conveyor belts
  • Includes types: Miniprestol, Prestol, Minibelt, Airport, Gemini,..
  • Delivered in belt width
  • Easy installation with only a hammer
  • Galvanized steel or non magnetic stainless steel AISI 316 with Rivets made of cooper or stainless steel alloy
  • Fasteners made of composite material - PVC/PU (FDA) – without any metal piece and with approximately the same thickness and the same colour as the belt
  • No rotation axle, high working tension
  • Polyurethane or PVC fabric reinforced and 2 polyacetal pins
  • Fasteners for the lacing for transmission belts and conveyor belts
  • Steel wire or stainless steel wire, mounted on a rigid card
  • Easy installation with a vise tool