Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt Fasteners


The following types are still available:

  • Rivet Fasteners
  • MS Fasteners
  • Bolt Plate Fasteners
  • Rip Repair Fasteners
  • Proven fasteners with rivets for light duty or heavy duty conveyor belts
  • Includes types: Miniprestol, Prestol, Minibelt, Airport, Gemini,..
  • Delivered in belt width
  • Easy installation with only a hammer
  • Galvanized steel or non magnetic stainless steel AISI 316 with Rivets made of cooper or stainless steel alloy
MS conveyor belt fasteners
  • Fasteners with self tapping screws only for rubber conveyor belts
  • No drilling preparation, no template
  • The screws drill themselves through the belt
  • Clamping effect of the plates against the belt
bolt plate fasteners
  • High tension
  • Tough applications: mining, foundries, aggregate, steel mills
  • Strong. Sift free splice.
rip repair fasteners
  • Very simple fasteners for the repair of belt rips
  • Carbon steel
  • Installation only with hammer