M800 Speed Switch

Inductive Speed Switch Sensor

M8001V10C, M8002V10C, M8001V10A

The M800 Elite Speed Switch is designed to detect belt slip, belt underspeed, stop motion, low speed or zero speed on bucket elevators, conveyors, airlocks, mixers, fans, grinders and many other rotating machines. Totally sealed and simple to calibrate, the M800 Elite works in the harshest of conditions.

An inductive sensing device located in the nose of the M800 Elite enclosure will detect a metal target. This target can be an existing bolt head or device attached to a shaft. During installation the M800 Elite is set to the normal machine shaft RPM by calibrating with the magnet provided. The internal microprocessor sets the alarm and shutdown relays.

M800 speed sensor
Product Features: 
  • Microprocessor controlled speedswitch
  • Signals underspeed conditions for bucket elevators, conveyors and all rotating machinery
  • Inductive proximity sensor, in DIN style housing, which detects a rotating metal target
  • Dual set-points at 10% and 20% underspeed
  • Non-contacting & failsafe
  • Compatible with the Whirligig speed sensor mount
Electronics Application: 

M800 Elite Sensors

4b Speedmaster speed sensor tester
Allows speed switch calibration and testing while installed on the shaft.
4B Whirligig shaft sensor mount

The Whirligig® is a fully guarded target for easy mounting of motion sensors. It is a universal shaft sensor mount suitable for all industry standard cylindrical or DIN style inductive sensors including 4B's M100, M300, and M800 speed switch sensors.

X400 Elite

The X400 Elite is a microprocessor controlled low cost alarm indicator panel for use with level indicators, hazard controls and limit switch sensors. The X400 accepts signals from different sources in up to 8 zones, and is able to cause alarm and shutdown of the machine when an alarm condition has been detected. Alarm and status LEDs on the lid of the X400 provide quick location of alarm conditions. Alarm muting can be performed at the panel or by an optional remote push button to silence external alarms.

What voltage is needed for the M800 Elite?  
  The M800 Elite is universal voltage 24 - 240 VAC/VDC.  

How do you calibrated the M800 Elite?  
  The M800 Elite is calibrated with a magnetic using the calibration point on the front of the sensor, please refer to the operation manual for details.  
When will the M800 Elite alarm and/or shut down the machine it is monitoring?  
  The M800 Elite will provide an alarm at 10% underspeed and can provide an automatic shutdown at 20%.  

Are the relays always open or closed?  
  The 10% relay is open when running and the 20% relay is closed when running.  

Why is the M800 Elite not working when mounting to the Whirligig?  
  There are two sets of holes in the base plate of the Whirligig, be sure to use the top holes to mount the M800 Elite flush to the Whirligig guard and target.

Whirligig on bearing with M800 speed switch
Whirligig shaft sensor mount on elevator
4B Whirligig shaft sensor mount on conveyor

Speed Switch Demonstration Video