Watchdog™ Super Elite (WDC4)

Bucket Elevator & Conveyor Hazard Monitor


The Watchdog Super Elite (WDC4) is easy to install and simple to set-up. The system processes signals from sensors for belt misalignment, belt speed & slip, continuous bearing temperature, pulley misalignment and plug conditions for bucket elevators or belt conveyors.  When an alarm is detected it will sound an alarm and provide shutdown control of the elevator/conveyor and feeding system.
A 3.5” LCD screen displays the entire system status at a glance.  Password protected controller settings can be set up either directly on the LCD screen, or by a PC application and transferred to the WDC4 via an SD card.
The Watchdog Super Elite can be connected directly to a PLC using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol, or integrated into®.  This secure cloud based solution provides live system status, graphs and historical data that is viewable on any web-enabled device (smart phone, tablet, desktop PC).

Watchdog Super Elite hazard monitor (WDC4)
Product Features: 
  • Belt Speed Monitoring (Single and Differential Speed)
  • Belt Alignment Monitoring (Contact, Pulsed and Rub Blocks)
  • Bearing Temperature Monitoring (NTC)
  • Pulley Alignment Monitoring
  • Plug Condition Monitoring
  • Acceleration Monitoring
  • Jog Prevention (Limited Number of Elevator Starts per Minute)
  • 3.5” Full-colour Graphics LCD Display
  • SD Card for Settings Save, Restore and Transfer, as Well as Data Logging and Firmware Updates
  • Ethernet RJ45 Port for Modbus TCP and Connectivity
  • Support for Real-time Remote Monitoring and Historical Data Analysis
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