Chain Conveyor Monitoring

4B has a wide range of sensors for monitoring the various parts of your drag chain conveyor. The most common areas for monitoring include: bearing temperature, speed / motion, level / plug indication and slack/broken chain detection.

All of 4B's sensors can be connected to our hazard monitoring systems.

WDA sensor - belt speed / alignment / chain break sensor

Non-contacting extended range magnetic proximity sensor, not affected by dust or material build up, used to detect moving ferrous material up to 100mm away from the sensor. The WDA sensor can be used on bucket elevators to measure speed and alignment by sensing either the metal elevator buckets, or the ferrous bolts attached to plastic buckets. A more specialized use for the WDA switch is as a broken/slack chain detector on drag chain conveyors, or as a non-contact speed switch for screw conveyors.

4B Binswitch

Detects level or plug situations for bulk granular solids or liquids in tanks, bins, or silos and can be used as a plug or choke detector in chutes, conveyors and elevator legs.

Watchdog Super Elite hazard monitor (WDC4)
Combined belt speed (slip), belt alignment, continuous bearing temperature, pulley alignment and plug condition monitor for bucket elevators and conveyors.
T500 Elite (Hotbus) hazard monitor
Monitors up to 256 sensors: temperature, alignment, speed...
IE Node

The Industrial Ethernet Node (IE-NODE) is a remote monitoring interface designed to provide sensor data to PLC’s or other automation and control systems.

Both units can be expanded to 16 sensor inputs with the installation of optional expansion boards.

T400N Elite bearing temperature monitoring system

Unique low cost alarm/indicator panel for use with any 4B NTC-type temperature sensors. ADB810, WDB70, and WDB810 series sensors are recommended.

T400 Elite

Low cost alarm/indicator controller for use with PTC temperature sensors.