Chain Conveyor Components

Chain Conveyors are an essential part of many bulk handling systems, where they are used to convey bulk materials such as powders, grains, flakes and pellets. 4B's chain engineering department specialises in 2 types of chain conveyors, both using drop forged chains:

En-Masse Chain Conveyors:
This technology is mainly used in agricultural applications. Here the flight height can be as low as 12.5% of the material being transported in the chain conveyor. The material is fed into the conveyor from the top and falls through the moving chain to the bottom of the box. Because the particles interlock, the material moves as a single stream at the same speed as the chain. This highly efficient conveying process allows nearly the entire conveyor cross section to move as bulk.

Drag Chain Conveyors:
This technology is mainly used in industrial applications. In Drag Conveying the material height being transported is often less than or equal to the flight height. Sometimes this can be more depending on the application. Drag conveying will literally “pull” the material along. Speeds are often much slower than en-masse conveying.

4B offers a FREE Chain Conveyor Design Service for both new and existing chain conveyors and technical support from our team of specialised Engineers. Fill in our chain conveyor questionnaire now to get a recommendation for your application.

4B also supplies a complete range of ATEX / IECEx / CSA approved monitoring equipment for chain conveyors.