‫‪ – HOT OIL‬الأقشطة المقاومة للزيوت الساخنة و الاحتراق.‬

ISO 340/284

This special belt offers resistance to the combination of fats and oils and higher processing temperature up to 120˚C in often humid working environments. The belt is specially aimed at solving high temperature problems in processing of soya beans, cattle feed, rape seed and fat processing.

HOT OIL elevator belt
Product Features: 
  • Hot, potentially flammable products
  • Products containing oil & fat
  • Ideal for cattle feed & products with high fat content
  • EP800/4
سيور المصاعد الدلائية
Belt Properties: 
مقاوم للزيوت, مقاوم للكهرباء الساكنة, مقاوم للهب
-20˚C to +120˚C