CBS2 - Conveyor Belt Switch

Electro-Mechanical Conveyor Belt Alignment Sensor


The CBS2 is an electro-mechanical system to detect the misalignment of a belt conveyor. Two outputs are given at 15 and 30 degrees which can be used as alarm and stop signals respectively. Works in conjunction with a CBS2 Elite control unit. The sensors are normally installed in pairs, one on either side of the belt, and up to 4 sensors per CBS2 Elite control unit.

CBS2 conveyor belt switch
Product Features: 
  • Electro-mechanical belt alignment sensor
  • Rollers available in engineering grade nylon or stainless steel
  • Unique construction means switches are not "handed"
  • 2 NON-mercury switches in each assembly
  • Outputs at 15° & 30° for alarm & stop
  • Can be connected to independent control unit CBS2V0A 
  • Adjustable bracket, available in stainless steel or mild steel
Alignment Sensors
Electronics Application: 
Belt Conveyor

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